Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education (KHMAPE)

International Affairs

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education (KMAPE) is a higher educational establishment of the IV-th level accreditation, which realizes post-graduate education of specialists according to the direction «Medicine» (1201) – all specialties and « Pharmacy » (1202), and also realizes post-graduate education...

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Medical Internship

Based on the Degree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 96 of 27.02.1992r. the structure of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in 1992 was a department internship.According to the order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine internship is a mandatory form...

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KMAPE Clinics

All clinical database provided with modern medical and diagnostic equipment. Departments developed and introduced modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment: MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy, angiography, functional diagnosis of the cardiovascular...

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Distance Education

Today, computerization covers all segments of the population and more widely used, due to the transition to the Bologna system of teaching in new areas of science and education. In light of recent innovations, as well as the experience of other countries...

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Kharkov Institute of Advanced Training of Physicians was established by order of the People' Commissariat of Public Health (NKOZ) Ukraine from 10.11.1923r. Training Institute began work January 1, 1924. with comprehensive training 24 rural district doctors, playing first course was 3 months, then 4, and later moved to institute the principle of differentiated training of physicians for up to 6 months.

In parallel, the Institute was held constant work in science and teachers. The first form of training was available with two-year internship training, introduced NKOZ Ukraine in 1928. The first issue counted 84 medical interns. To improve the quality of medical interns special order NKOZ Ukraine organizational guidance interns were assigned to the Ukrainian Central Institute for Advanced Training. Internship existed until 1938, played a positive role in training professionals.

The second form of scientific and teaching staff and has postgraduate clinical residency introduced NKOZ Ukraine in 1931. Organizational guidance was again placed on the Ukrainian Central Institute for Advanced Training.

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Ukrainian Embassies

As it is very essential for each and every international student to apply for visa before they can fly to Ukraine, so it is required to know about the location of the Ukrainian Embassies.

Application Form

Please Download Application Form and and after filling it please send it to us atThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Visa Information

It is essential for all international students to obtain a student visa. The invitation or admission letter is issued by the University's, International relations department.

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